Hurricane Air Offers Refrigerated Trailer Rental

Affordable Refrigerated Trailers for Rent in Sarasota, Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties

Hurricane Air Conditioning, serving the communities of Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Naples FL, offers top-of-the-line refrigeration trailer rentals for various needs. Whether it’s for events, emergencies, or temporary storage, our trailers provide reliable and efficient cooling solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction and safety, Hurricane Air Conditioning ensures our trailers are well-maintained and equipped to handle any refrigeration requirements. From preserving perishable goods to keeping beverages chilled, these rentals are indispensable assets for businesses and events in need of refrigeration solutions in the dynamic climates of Florida.

What Can I Store in A Refrigerated Trailer?

There are many reasons to rent a refrigerated trailer, some of which you may be surprised to learn! If you are hosting an event in the Southwest, FL area or need to transport temperature-sensitive items, renting a refrigerated trailer can be an excellent solution that provides ultimate convenience. Commonly stored or transported items in a refrigerated trailer can include:

Consider utilizing a refrigerated trailer for your upcoming catering events or transport of perishable and frozen goods. Our trailers will ensure that your food and beverages stay fresh and consumable for all to enjoy.

Whether you are a local Florida florist delivering to a wedding in the area or you are hosting a party or convention, renting a refrigerated trailer is the best way to keep your flowers in-tact until their arrival.

If you or a loved one is trucking it for the long-haul and rely on important medications, a refrigerated trailer may be the safest route for you. You can store vital prescriptions as well as any frozen or fresh produce along with you to your final destination.

Refrigerated trailers can be great for transporting or storing all sorts of temperature-sensitive items. Reach out to Hurricane Air Conditioning to learn more about if our premier trailers are right for you and our friendly Customer Service Representatives will help walk you through your options and get your rental scheduled today!

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