You should have your air conditioner serviced twice per year in warm climates like Florida and use your AC very frequently.There are few things in your home that affect your comfort–and utility bills–more than the air conditioner. A biannual AC servicing plan is the best way to ensure that your air conditioner cools your home as efficiently as possible, and reduce the likelihood that it’s going to break down when you need it most.It’s easier and more cost-effective than you think to get your AC serviced, especially when you have it done at the right time of year.Table of ContentsIs It Necessary to Service AC Every Year?How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?When to Schedule AC MaintenanceWhy Avoid Winter and Summer Maintenance?How Long Does AC Maintenance Take?Benefits of Getting Your AC Serviced Twice a YearWhy You Should Get Your AC Serviced at Least Twice Per YearIncreased Energy Costs and Reduced EfficiencyIncreased Risk of Air Conditioner Breakdowns and RepairsAir Conditioner Without Maintenance Shortens the AC LifespanMaintain Air Conditioner WarrantyWhat Biannual HVAC Maintenance IncludesHow Much Does AC Maintenance Cost?Should You Enlist in an Annual HVAC Service Plan?Contact Hurricane AC to Schedule Your Annual HVAC MaintenanceHVAC Maintenance FAQs

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

You should service your air conditioner twice every year in Florida. Just two tune-up per year can go a long way in maintaining your AC’s efficiency and long-term health.

If you neglect annual maintenance, your AC will accumulate dirt and debris that block airflow and prevent the system from effectively pushing cool air into your home. During an AC servicing, the HVAC technician will ensure that your AC components are working properly, are properly lubricated, and has enough refrigerant to handle heavy workloads during the cooling season. This type of maintenance also reduces wear-and-tear on your AC components.

When to Schedule AC Maintenance

The best time to schedule air conditioner maintenance is in the Spring and Fall.Doing maintenance during these times will make sure your AC is ready to go to tackle the warmest summer months, and you’ll be able to improve any components that degraded after your AC unit was operating at full blast for an extended period.You should also change your AC’s air filter every month during the cooling season. This is an easy do-it-yourself maintenance task that doesn’t require an HVAC technician.

Why Avoid Winter and Summer Maintenance?

It’s best to avoid AC maintenance in the summer, winter, and during the hurricane season.Why Avoid the Summer: Summer is the worst time for your AC to break down because your home might get miserably hot without it! The best way to prevent a summer breakdown is to have your AC serviced well before the warmest months, when your AC gets a taxing level of usage. HVAC companies are also busier in the summer and may charge higher rates (they’re so busy helping all those homeowners who neglected spring maintenance!).Why Avoid the Winter: You can damage your AC by running in cool temperatures. The oil inside your AC thickens in cooler temperatures, which prevents it from circulating properly.Why Avoid the Hurricane Season: If you own a home in Florida or the tropics, you should also avoid doing AC maintenance during the hurricane season. Bad weather can create challenges for HVAC technicians and there is always the possibility that any maintenance done may be negated by the impacts of hurricanes and tropical storms.

How Long Does AC Maintenance Take?

AC maintenance usually takes no more than 1-2 hours. It depends on:The type of AC unit you haveHow accessible your AC unit isThe size of your homeWhether there are any parts that need to be repairedHow much time has passed since your last tune-up (ACs that haven’t had maintenance in a while usually require more time to be tuned up)

Benefits of Getting Your AC Serviced Twice a Year

The main benefit of getting your AC serviced twice every year is that it saves you money.A biannual AC tune-up can vary depending on the size of your unit and how much maintenance there is to do. However, it’s much more expensive to repair your AC when parts fail due to lack of maintenance. Repair costs can be well over $500 for some parts. It’s more cost-effective for you to do preventative maintenance and keep the AC from breaking down in the first place. Remember that a brand-new AC unit can cost as much as $7,500, so it’s better to do biannual maintenance and prolong the lifespan of your current unit.

Why You Should Get Your AC Serviced at Least Twice Per Year

What do you risk if you don’t get your AC serviced at least twice per year?Here’s what could happen:Increased energy costs and reduced efficiencyIncreased risk of air conditioner breakdowns and repairsShortened lifespan of your ACLosing your AC warranty

Increased Energy Costs and Reduced Efficiency

When you neglect regular maintenance, your AC won’t run as efficiently and you’ll pay higher cooling bills.Throughout the year, your AC accumulates dirt and debris which blocks airflow in your unit. Your unit could also be suffering from clogs or lack of lubricant, which also causes problems for your AC system. These problems make your AC work harder than it should to cool your home, consuming more power and costing you more money.Biannual tune-ups can increase your AC’s efficiency by 5% to 15%, so the savings add up by the end of the cooling season.

Increased Risk of Air Conditioner Breakdowns and Repairs

During an AC tune-up, the HVAC technician will be able to catch any problems that can cause your AC system to break down. Those problems include:Too Much Friction: The moving parts in your AC unit need to be properly lubricated, or else they’ll cause friction in the motors and damage them.Clogs: A clogged drain pipe can flood your AC unit and damage the components. It’ll also create humidity in your AC system, which can discolor your walls and carpets.Faulty Circuitry: Electrical connections can loosen over time and stop your AC unit from working altogether.These types of costly AC repairs can be avoided with biannual tune-ups.

Air Conditioner Without Maintenance Shortens the AC Lifespan

Keeping you AC system running can be difficult without regular maintenance. Without regular maintenance, your AC’s lifespan can be reduced by 50% (most ACs have a lifespan between 10-15 years).Neglected AC systems work harder and longer, causing more wear-and-tear on all the parts. Replacing an entire AC system costs thousands of dollars. You can push back that date by scheduling a simple yearly tune-up.

Maintain Air Conditioner Warranty

Most air conditioners come with a warranty that will cover repair costs if something breaks down. However, most warranties require you to schedule regular maintenance with certified HVAC technicians. You can usually find this stipulation under the sections “Exclusions” or “Eligibility Requirements.” The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that all part failures were made as preventable as possible.Scheduling regular maintenance will maintain your warranty and can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars if there is a parts failure.

What Annual HVAC Maintenance Includes

During biannual AC tune-ups, the HVAC technician will:Replace the air filtersClean dirt and debris from the fins, condensers, fans, and evaporator coilsCheck the condensate drains and pipes for clogsCheck the circuitryMake sure the thermostat is working properlyEnsure that all mechanical components are working as expected

How Much Does AC Maintenance Cost?

Biannual AC maintenance usually costs between $75 and $220.It’s much cheaper to do regular maintenance than having to repair the AC when it breaks down, which can cost between $300 and $700, or even more.Hurricane Air Conditioning offers a biannual HVAC service plan that’ll give you a discounted rate.

Should You Enlist in an Annual HVAC Service Plan?

You can save money by signing up for Hurricane’s biannual HVAC service plan. Our program services your AC unit twice per year. We will keep you on our calendar and let you know when your scheduled maintenance dates get close, giving you one less thing you have to remember in your busy life.HVAC service plans usually include the following:Seasonal inspections / tune-upsAir filter replacementCleaning of the AC unitRefilling refrigerantAdding lubricant to moving partsChecking the condition of the thermostatEvaluating the air quality in your homeOur ongoing maintenance service plan also provides a discount on emergency services when they are needed. 

Contact Hurricane AC to Schedule Your Annual HVAC Maintenance

If you live in Southwest Florida, schedule your biannual HVAC maintenance with Hurricane AC. A service plan is the most cost-effective way to keep your AC running in excellent condition so you can keep your home cool and comfortable in the Florida heat. Contact us today to schedule maintenance!

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